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Choosing a Skilled Nursing Center

When choosing a Skilled Nursing Center, a good first step is to compare an individual’s needs with the care and services available. Asking a series of targeted questions is a great way to determine fit and ensure proper focus during a tour. In order to facilitate this process, we have gathered and categorized some important questions: 

Is the center in a good location?
What is the appearance of the building and grounds? Are they well maintained?
Have any inspections or surveys been conducted recently? What were the results?
What rules and regulations exist?
What steps are taken to ensure quality?
Are there ways families can become involved?

Care & Services
What levels of care are offered?
How is care paid for?
What insurance plans are compatible?
Is the facility Medicare and Medicaid certified?
How many hours of nursing attention does a resident receive per day?
Do residents appear well cared for? Are they comfortable, well groomed, and hygienic?
What physicians are available at this facility?

Does the staff seem happy and knowledgeable?
Do they have personal relationships with residents?
Do they respect residents and their space?
Do they appear organized and under good management?
Are training and education programs available?
Is the ratio between the number of staff members and residents optimal for excellent care?

Are there a variety of rooms for activities? Are they well marked?
Do residents have enough privacy and space? Do they have their own belongings?
Are areas clean, well lit, and well ventilated?
Is the temperature comfortable?
Are there built-in safety features, e.g., bathrooms are slip resistant and have grab bars?
What are the furnishings like?
What security measures are taken?

What is the dining room atmosphere?
Is the food nutritious?
Does it taste good?
Is dining a pleasant experience?

Are there lots of available events and activities?
Are activity calendars easily accessible?
Do residents have input into social offerings?
Do residents have easy outdoor access?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about Franklin Ridge Skilled Nursing Center. View our frequently asked questions or contact us today.

Thank you to all of you for taking such good care of Violet. It really makes it a lot easier knowing you treat all your patients like family. Thank you for all your efforts.

- The Violet Powell Family